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Why Take a Course on Cloud Security

Did you know that before 2018 the cloud computing industry was expected to grow beyond $191 billion by 2020? Now, in 2019, the cloud computing industry has blasted past the estimated industry growth and is now estimated to reach $411 billion by 2020. This means that you have an abundance of opportunity as a cloud security specialist or technician.

Organizations and corporations around the globe are making the shift to digital data management and storage. What’s more, the “great shift” toward cloud computing is putting a lot of stress on cloud infrastructure, as well as those working in the industry. As organizations, corporations, and businesses make the shift to cloud computing, there will be a huge demand for specialists and technicians. In fact, that $411 billion dollar projected industry is going to need a lot more than infrastructure.

They are going to need you. Your new skill set. Your problem-solving skills. Your ability to secure and protect their data from malicious attacks. Ultimately, you’re going to be protecting the data of millions. It’s time you honed your skill set and secured job placement in cloud security.

The Benefits of Transitioning to Cloud Security

As an IT specialist in your chosen field, you may be concerned that switching to cloud security is a risk. The move requires you to “start over” in your career. You don’t want to take a temporary pay cut to gain a long-term pay increase over the next decade.

While these are valid reasons to hesitate making the move, you can leverage your current knowledge and skills to move laterally. What’s more, Cyber Schule is here to help you get the education you need to successfully join the cloud security industry, as well as get placed with a company that is willing to pay you what you deserve.

Cyber Schule works closely with dozens of high-profile, well-known organizations and corporations that need people like you to take care of their cloud security needs. Unlike traditional education, Cyber Schule actually helps you get job placement, or you get your money back.

How You Will Benefit as a Cloud Security Specialist

  • You will make more money throughout your career. As the cloud computing industry grows, there will be an abundance of opportunities to make more money, whether that be moving between companies or by simply getting paid more by the company you’re in. The more you invest in your skill set and experience, the more money you can potentially make.
  • You will create more security for your career. The massive shift to digital data management and storage demands that we have cloud security specialists and technicians for hardware, software, and infrastructure needs. This means that you will secure a longer career with an industry that’s on track to clear $500 billion in worth over the next decade.
  • You will attain a high-profile position. As a cloud security specialist, you will be a high-profile employee. This means that what you do and what you know is going to be extremely important to the success (or failure) of the company you work for. A high-profile job placement like the one you have the opportunity to secure will make you the envy of your group of friends.
  • You will spend your time working on projects that affect millions. If you’ve ever wanted to make an impact on millions of people (or even tens-of-thousands), a career in cloud security does just that. The ability to secure and manage digital data helps a ton of people. Granted, your work will be behind the scenes and “unknown” to those who don’t understand how the technology and systems work; however, you will be at the center of making sure data is protected, stored, and transferred properly.
  • You will develop valuable professional relationships. The organizations and corporations that desperately need cloud security specialists are run by some pretty influential individuals. Think Netflix, Xerox, Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy, Apple, and many more. Not only will you be providing a vital service to those who need it, but you will also gain the ability to develop valuable relationships with those who can help you advance your career and enrich your life.

How You Help Organizations as a Cloud Security Specialist

Now that you know some of the biggest reasons why you ought to make the transition into the cloud security profession, you’re probably curious as to how you can help organizations. One of the biggest value propositions as a cloud security specialist is tied to how you can make an organization’s cloud computing secure and reliable.

7 Common Cloud Computing Security Risks You Can Prevent

#1. Loss or Theft of Intellectual Property

The move to digital data management and storage saves organizations and corporations millions. However, it also adds another set of concerns and risks regarding securing and protecting their intellectual property. The loss or theft of intellectual property is one area you can help companies avoid, which makes you just as valuable as the property the company is protecting.

#2. Regulatory Compliance and Violations

For most companies, they must operate under some regulatory compliance laws to protect their own clients’ data and information. This means that how the information and data they collect on their clients must be secured and protected to meet these regulations. Think HIPPA for medical information or FERPA for student records.

Due to these types of regulations, companies must know where the data is stored, who can access it, and how it is being protected. Without this knowledge (or security), these companies can violate their regulatory obligations, which can lead to some pretty hefty fines, penalties, and potential lawsuits. Your ability to secure and protect data based on regulatory compliance saves companies millions.

#3. Lack of Control Over End-User Actions

Companies that are in the dark about who in their organization are using cloud services are inherently at risk to insider threats. For example, a salesperson could download contacts from the cloud, leave the company, get hired by a competitor, and start poaching clients from the prior company’s potential client list — all without the initial company aware of what’s going on. As a cloud security specialist, you can help your company keep important client data and information in the company, saving them a lot of potential money in lost sales and lawsuits.

#4. Malware Infections and Targeted Attacks

Did you know that cloud services can be used as a vector of data exfiltration? There are a number of ways that hackers and criminals can get access to cloud storage. For example, attacks can encode sensitive data into video files and upload them to YouTube. In other ways, attackers can exfiltrate sensitive data through private Twitter accounts. Finally, the Dyre malware variant leverages file-sharing services in phishing attempts. Without proper cloud security, companies will be exposed.

#5. Contractual Breaches

Whether with customers or business partners, contractual breaches are a serious issue. The discrepancy between a contract that says all data gathered can be uploaded and shared via the cloud could conflict with an individual contract made between two companies that denies this access. A cloud security specialist is then needed to create a solution for this case. Breaching contract as it pertains to data can be an expensive fix through lawsuit or settlement.

#6. Decrease Customer Trust

Ultimately, data breaches result in the decrease in customer trust for the company who mishandled their information. Whether the breach was done by an attacker or the company intentionally disseminated info, the trust is still lost. Loss of trust can lead to diminished financial gain. What’s more, the reputation of a company that cannot protect their customers’ data can negatively brand a company long term.

#7. Revenue Losses

The most common cloud computing risk is the data breach. This has been mentioned a few times in the risks above, but it’s worth attaching a dollar amount to this simple yet volatile attack. A known example is the data breach that Target experienced. The loss of customer trust caused a 46% drop in revenue over the holiday season. The decrease in revenue totaled over $146 million in a few months. Another result of this loss in revenue was the resignation of the CIO and CEO of the company, which lead to the demand of increased oversight of cloud computing, security, and management.

As you can see, cloud computing is a massive industry that requires cloud security and data management services to keep attackers at bay while companies make a positive impact on the world. You can be a part of that impact.

What’s the Importance of Cloud Security to Companies?

Cloud computing adoption is accelerating faster than expected — and for good reason. Companies are seeing a massive number of benefits to cloud computing. They can do more with less, spend a fraction of their budget on a better solution, and create an always-on availability unprecedented in their industries.

The SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS companies are leveraging cloud computing at an exponential rate, which lends to the understanding of why the cloud computing arena is going to exceed $400 billion by 2020 — and potentially grow to over a $1 trillion in the next decade.

Did you know that, according to a Cloud Security Alliance study, more than 33% of companies have adopted a “full-steam ahead” mentality with cloud computing. Upwards of 86% of companies spend a portion of their IT budget on cloud services, including security and data management. What’s more, nearly 79% of companies receive end-user requests for more cloud applications like content sharing, social media, communication, and collaboration.

While many in the IT industries think that cloud services is a trend soon to become obsolete, it’s more a cornerstone in the technology industry that’s going to be around for a while.

When You Should Take the Cloud Security Course

For most, deciding on a new career can be difficult. The decision is heavily weighted by money, time, security, effort, and status. What’s the opportunity cost of learning new skills? How will you allot time each and every day to educate yourself? How will switching career paths affect the security of you and your family? These questions and more may arise, and we strive to help you answer them with our courses and job placement process.

At Cyber Schule, we want you to know we are here for you — and no one else. While we work with well-known companies to place you after your education with us, we are still focused on getting you the career path you desire. Whether you choose cloud security or some other path, we’re committed to your success. You’re not alone in this transition.

What’s more, we offer a no placement, money back guarantee. If we cannot get you placed in 90 days or less, you get your tuition back. No questions asked. Your focus should be on becoming the absolute best in your next career path, not searching for a company that desperately needs your help. We do that for you.

Why Choose Cyber Schule

As a premier IT training academy, Cyber Schule is here to assist you in transitioning laterally into a new field. Our courses are built to help you learn the skills and knowledge to get a job in various sub sectors of computer information and technology. Our mission is to educate and place people in positions with high-profile, well-known companies.

Unlike traditional education, we actually work to get you a job in the area of expertise that you train. Through our cloud security course and the many others we offer, you will transition into a career you can be proud of, make more money, and have a bigger positive impact on people.

As one of the only job placement programs in the industry, Cyber Schule guarantees it can place you in a job after you take our educational courses. No longer are you stressing about finding somewhere to work before your education is over. You don’t have to take interviews and feel unprepared. We work with you to make sure you get the opportunities you deserve. Advance your career today! Apply for our cloud security course now!